Sallie Bieterman

actor . singer . writer . dramaturg

Sallie Bieterman - Actress . Singer . Dancer . Writer 

Sallie is the author of a one act play, Daddy's Girl, which was produced through a writing residency with Seattle Repertory Theatre at Woodinville High School.  She also co-authored a play inspired by an excerpt from Etgar Keret's Suddenly, A Knock On The Door that aired on This American Life. The piece, Solitary Breakfast, was developed at Broadway Theatre Project under the direction of Jesse Merz. 

At Emerson, she was a founding member of Emerson Playwright's Collective, a space for up-and-coming theatrical writers to workshop ideas and scripts, and is currently working on new material, some of which is available below. 

Draw Down The Moon

What makes a witch? Is she born of the night, a name inscribed in a book of shadows? Is she worth realized, a harnessing of the potent force within? Is she the mark of ascension, at last attuned to a feminine power that revels in ten thousand names? Is she a girl who knows her mind? A woman who knows her power? A wisdom that cannot burn? Is she forged in fire? Sprung from tempests? Or does she rise from more… earthly realms? Women across history often felt the sting of a common label: witch. But what about their actions, personalities, or power earned them that title? A coterie of nine witches, each based on a real witch from history, guide a manifestation of the Goddess through the stories they are finally free to speak. one act, 13W

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